Retail Fundraising Strategies for NGOs


17th February @ 3PM

Fundraising is critical for Non-Profit organizations to exist and to effectively serve the communities. Institutional funding which has long been the primary source of funds for most organizations can come with strings attached and are often fickle. The objectives and themes the donors are willing to support may change from year to year. Overseas institutional funding is also being increasingly regulated coupled with additional compliance and scrutiny.
Retail fundraising can help your organization set your own agenda, diversify your sources of income, address funding gaps and reduce your dependency on a few large donors. It also helps you build a community of supporters who can be tapped into for furthering your cause and mobilized for volunteer work. A substantial retail donor base can be instrumental in creating a viable and sustainable organization that can tackle problems without the constant worry of running out of funds.
Successful fundraising is the key to building an effective and growing organization but organizations often lack the time, resources, and skills to fundraise effectively.
This webinar aims to tap into the collective knowledge of the experts in the sector and share information, tools, and tips with the broader community to strengthen their fundraising.
Join us on 17th February at 3 PM to sharpen your fundraising strategies and hone your fundraising skills.

The Speakers

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